Marlboro regular cigarette Starting from May 1, Beijing City in primary and secondary schools, stadiums and other 10 kinds of public places full implementation of the Marlboro cigarette ban. In addition, some public places need local set up smoke-free zones, and some places can set up a special smoking rooms or designated smoking areas, in explicitly smokers in no smoking areas will be fined 10 yuan. In this regard, the Cigarettes Wholesale Online majority of smokers expressed support, however there are still some people lack confidence in the implementation of the smoking ban, but also need to be further strengthened.Recently, the reporter learned that, at present in restaurants, cafes, parks, airport waiting area in the smoking room, is only a transitional measure, the next 3 years will be completely non-smoking in public places. Taking into account the part of people mixed together, and the liquidity of the public places is currently unable to completely ban on opium smoking and the opium trade, parks, playgrounds, restaurants, hotels, cafes and other public places and planes, trains and other public transport waiting room are allowed to set or designated smoking area, but it should be in line with fire safety requirements, setting up clear signs, and non cigarettes online smoking area isolation, and away from the staff intensive regional and pedestrians must pass through the main channel. cheap cigarettes "This is the implementation of the provisions, mainly rely on discourage and guide." Deputy director of the Beijing marlboro cigarettes municipal government legal office Li Lingyan when accepting a reporter to interview, for those who repeatedly discouraged to stop, and constitutes a disorderly smokers, according to the 1995 the ban on smoking in public places in Beijing provisions to prohibit Marlboro cigarette in public places where the "YTDFSGFGCUEYFA" units can be reflected in a timely manner to the public security organ, shall be punished by the law enforcement authorities in accordance with the security regulations. Many people think that smoking is only a bad habits, to change the habits of this is difficult, but the World Health Organization clearly pointed out that tobacco dependence is a chronic addiction disease.The dependence of Marlboro red regular cigarette has close relationship with the social environment, psychological factors and genetic factors, and reciprocal causation. Social factors: tobacco into cigarette, become a kind of easy access to consumer goods; the behavior of parents in the family is often children imitate the goal; peer influence and social pressure, so that young people who lack confidence and ability to live easily become smokers, or smoking as a sign of maturity; psychological factors: mostly smokers outgoing personality and extroverted and smoking quantity is proportional to. In addition, tobacco dependence is related to genetic factors.